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The Best Kinds of Indoor Plants for your Small Space

Indoor Plants Idea by Home Zone FurnitureIndoor plants are trendier than ever this year, and it’s well deserved – they add a lively pop of color to any room, can act as a smaller statement piece, and even refresh the air. How about that.

Anyone can rock the indoor plant trend, but if you are someone living in a smaller space with a limited amount of sunlight and an even smaller amount of motivation to care for a high maintenance situation, you may wonder if this is even a viable option for you (spoiler alert: it is)! We’re covering the top 5 indoor plants that will fit all of your criteria, regardless of your lifestyle. Check, check, and check.


These impossibly tiny specimens are the epitome of low maintenance and trend this year. Get a few or get a whole ton, succulents can add a touch of vibrancy in the subtlest of ways. Our tip: place your succulents close to a window if you can so that they can still receive a little bit of sun throughout the day. When you water them, do it enough so that the soil is wet, but succulents do not require daily waterings. Let the soil dry up before the next time you water them.


This plant is particularly sentimental in my case – my mother always had it growing in our California apartment, and it grew so long that it could wrap around our entire living and dining room area! If cared for properly, this plant will grow endlessly (or so it seems), and it seriously isn’t too hard. All you gotta do is make sure you water it as often as needed. As far as light is concerned, it doesn’t require direct sunlight but a little exposure is nice. When it comes to styling, this Goldilocks can be put in a hanging pot for some nice draping leaf action, or you can literally just let it grow and arrange the leaves on your wall.

BONUS – Want some more styling tips for your plant friends? BE SURE to check out our Pinterest board below that’ll satisfy the creative guru in you. 


Who can forget about the classic desert dweller? This guy is perfect for those of you who really don’t want to fuss around with a watering schedule. Of course, we aren’t saying to forget about him completely, but he isn’t going to wither up in dramatic dehydration if he isn’t watered for a few days, ya feel? Similar to the succulent, the cactus does need sunlight. After all, he is from the sunny desert.


Talk about Miss Popularity, and for good reason! She’s down to earth, gets along nicely in many conditions, and hey, she looks pretty good as well. Spider plants will stick with you through thick and thin, the most average of room temperatures and the most sporadic waterings.


This one is a home run when it comes to beginner friendly plants. Low light? That’s okay. Want a plant that doesn’t need to be watered daily? Great! Need an air purifier? Look no more, because the Chinese Evergreen does that also!! So simple, yet so beautiful, and everyone who comes over to your home will think so too. And they’ll think you have the greenest of thumbs. It’s a win win, really!

Have you had any luck with these indoor plants or know of any others that we should consider? Be sure to let us know on our social media or in the comments below!

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