Tips For Decorating Your Accent Tables

Tips for Decorating Your Accent Tables by Home Zone Furniture

Tips for Decorating Your Accent Tables

When it comes to decorating your home, bookshelves, mantels and coffee tables seem to get all the love while we overlook end tables and nightstands. However, with our tips for decorating your accent tables, you can give this smaller console a cohesive and clutter-free look while still keeping it functional. Whether you use your small accent tables for storage, to place a drink or as a small mini-bar, you can create a balanced space and add a touch of personality with our styling tips.

Lighting Is Both Functional and Decorative

A decorative lamp on a small table is an ideal style statement and adds functionality to your space. You can readily find various lamp styles to suit your interior decor while adding functional task lighting to your living room or bedroom. For a large console table, tall lamps such as our Ryder Buffet set or Movila Art style can add height to your space. You can complement the lamp and make it a standout feature by placing smaller accent pieces such as a decorative sculpture or vase next to the light rather than using other larger displays that compete with the size.

Lamps are also ideal for creating zones in open living spaces. A pair of lamps on an accent table behind the sofa can create a cozy look, add more lighting to your area, and separate the dining room from the living room. 

Add Trays or Shallow Baskets

Rather than using a tray on the odd occasion to serve drinks, they also make an ideal storage container for small items and a stylish feature on accent tables. A trendy tray or shallow basket is a perfect decorative and functional piece that can prevent you from cluttering your space when you leave smaller items scattered around the room. A wooden tray such as our Chevron Pattern looks more purposeful and put together on a console table in your foyer or bedroom. You can easily place your items on the tray as soon as you walk through the door. 

You can readily decorate a shallow basket or tray in your living room with stylish items such as a candle or plant or use the feature to hold your TV remotes and a book. Regardless of what you place on the tray, a round platter such as our Livonia and Silver Two-Tone tray can add color and texture to your space. For small accent tables, be sure that the tray doesn’t overwhelm the table. 

Bring Your Room to Life with Plants

Plants and flowers are a perfect decorative option to add to any room. You can freshen up your space, add color, texture and life with some greenery carefully positioned on your accent table. Whether you select a small potted plant or faux flowers in a tall vase, they are a low-maintenance yet effective way to style a console table while adding softness and natural beauty to your space. 

You can keep your display to a simple and minimal arrangement by placing our Boxwood topiary on your table or create a full floral display with faux flowers in one of our stylish vases. You can add more creative flair and get a cohesive look on smaller tables by setting your vase on a book or two.

Personalize Your Room with Decorative Items

Not all accent table decorations need to have a purpose. You can infuse your personality and style into your home with unique displays that are purely decorative. Put your favorite treasures on display or showcase your love for animals with our selection of miniature figurines such as owls, elephants, pigs, birds, rabbits, and more. This display and other small trinkets can give your guests some insight into the things you like or bring you joy when relaxing in the space.  

Other personal touches that you can add to your accent table include a scented candle in a stylish holder, ornaments that remind you of your travels or something from your favorite pastime. For example, our rose gold camera ornament will look stunning in the home of passionate photographers. You can keep your table interesting by mixing up decorative items of different heights, which add visual interest to your accent table and draw attention to your deliberately placed items. 

Find Accent Table Essentials at Home Zone Furniture

If you’re wondering where to buy accent tables, we have an extensive selection of various styles. From small side tables with rustic and country flair to mid-century accent tables, we are sure to have one that will suit your home’s interior. We also have large accent tables for your dining room, foyer or open living area when you require something more substantial. You can seek a selection of decorative items from our creative tabletop range and style your accent table using our tips. If you have any further questions about which accent table or decorative items will suit your home, contact our friendly Home Zone team or visit us at your local store.

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