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How to Choose Living Room Furniture That’s Right for Your Lifestyle

Deliberating on how to choose living room furniture can be draining, and that’s why we at Home Zone Furniture have put together some helpful tips to get you started. It is well documented that design can influence human behavior and, as a result, can also positively or negatively impact your lifestyle. That’s why it’s essential to purposefully select the right living room furniture for your living area, as this will ultimately nurture your lifestyle. 

How to Choose Living Room Furniture That’s Right for Your Lifestyle by Home Zone Furniture

As the name suggests, a living room is a lively area where people gather. Essentially it serves as a lifestyle space enabling rich interactions that can cultivate meaningful connections. It stands to reason that you can either foster or hinder this environment during the planning, design, and furniture selection process. 

An essential step to any design process is planning. This allows you to ask yourself important exploratory questions, which will help guide many of your decisions. Moreover, you will be able to create an aesthetically appealing living area. The goal is to curate an artful balance between desired style, available space, and functionality to deliver the chosen lifestyle effects. Below, we break down a few of the questions to get you started. 

How Will You Utilize Your Living Room?

Taking the time to truly clarify a space’s functionality is vital. It formulates the foundation from which to make thoughtful decisions. These choices will indelibly influence the lifestyle you wish to bring to life. Furthermore, by actively assessing this question, you empower yourself to consider various possibilities. The answers will impact how you intend to lay out your furniture and the type of furniture you choose, down to the accents you select.

On a practical side, the living room’s intended use is further intertwined with and influenced by your preferred style and aesthetic choices, as well as the confines of the space. Whether you aim to entertain or create an intimate space for your family to meet and enjoy each other’s company, taking the time to curate and plan is paramount to creating the desired lifestyle effect.   

A bigger space suited to entertainment requires more open room, which allows for an increased number of people. Furthermore, this space necessitates accessibility to different surfaces fused with an expanded number of smaller lounge pockets. This form of entertainment often lends itself to a more formal style of furniture. On the other side of the spectrum, a smaller entertainment area creates one engaging space. In this instance, circular furniture coupled with softer lines and a more informal style set up appropriately facilitates a natural flow for human interaction, enabling everyone to engage simultaneously.

Designing a space with pets and children abound, where family is the priority has its own stylistic opportunities. The trick here is not to be attached to perfection. Instead, you get to open up space and infuse it with a homely style. Every aspect of the design process and decisions should enable comfort and fun. Ideally, you would select casual furniture produced with durable materials, hardier textures, and varied colors — consider a textured dark grey couch set as an option. Moreover, living room accessories should be functional and just as durable. Also, you can still select beautiful and fun accents, which now double as playthings.    

How Big Is Your Space?

Linked to the functionality of the space is the size of the area, as alluded to earlier. Using space effectively, there are various ways you can tailor a room to ensure it fosters the lifestyle you are striving towards. The layout you choose alongside the type of furniture you select plays a significant role in making a space seem bigger or smaller and formal or informal. Furthermore, your selected configuration essentially creates synergy in the room while integrating the flow between the home’s various areas.  

Smaller areas benefit from lighter colors and more compact furniture, ideal for creating the illusion of space. Think of reclining living room sets, which beautifully encourage connectivity and closeness. The higher seating also boosts comfort while utilizing the room’s vertical space, an aspect of space often neglected. A great example would be the Kennedy II Brown Power Sectional alongside the Kayden Coffee Table, the combination of which enables a natural flow between areas.    

On the other hand, sofas such as the Titan Sofa paired with the Titan Chair and Titan Loveseat alongside the Tulsa Coffee Table and side tables would be a great addition to multiple lounge pockets in bigger entertainment spaces. However, you should take care to ensure the various furniture pockets offer contrasting yet complementary design elements. This includes ensuring the colors, height, formal and informal style cues, as well as the textures selected, create depth and synergy. 

What Is Your Style?

As this process unfolds, you will notice that every aspect of creating a living room designed to enable your lifestyle is intertwined, with every step leading to, and dependent on the other. A great way to start is to decide if you prefer a formal or informal area filled with contemporary or traditional style. Furthermore, many design elements can foster these styles, ranging from color, textures, and materials of the furniture and accents selected. These aspects also need to synergize with their surroundings, such as the home’s structure and the room’s colors.

Some of the most popular design styles currently are modern, contemporary, industrial, minimalist, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian. Each of these are characterized by a unique set of design elements, some of which can overlap and fuse. Take a moment to decide what design style really works for you. You will need to factor in if you wish to have a continuation of the house’s current design or if the room will serve as a standalone design area. Moreover, can the living room be cut off from the rest of the house, or does it clash due to the contrasting nature of the design styles selected? Alternatively, could you fuse the house’s areas through artful and purposeful design by matching materials, colors, textures, and accents, creating the illusion of continuity?

Find Your Living Room Essentials at Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone Furniture offers a range of furniture in various styles sure to fit all your furnishing needs. No matter the size, functionality, or desired aesthetic of your home, we can help you. Come shop in-store or browse our online range of products today. You can also feel free to contact us to discuss what products would best fit you.

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