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Tidy Up Your Living Room With These 6 Tips

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Whether you live in an apartment or a house, have three kids or just three cats, the living room is always a mess magnet. Perhaps because it’s near the front door, or because it’s where we collectively unwind. Whatever the reason, the living room is inevitably a problem spot.

When faced with a disastrous living room, it’s hard to know where to start. But by putting a few simple measures into place, your living room will not only get tidy, but stay tidy.


For a living room that looks and feels clean, the first step is to embrace a sense of minimalism. By no means does this mean you should swap your ornate furniture for streamlined pieces, but think about the concept of minimalism more generally. Instead of keeping around stacks of books, groups of picture frames and a variety of mismatched chairs, try seeing what you can eliminate and simplify. A mantle or bookshelf curated with small, meaningful knickknacks might be beautiful to admire up-close, but from afar, it can register as clutter and take away from the overall tidiness of the room.

Multi-purpose furniture

If you’re committing to a minimalist approach, prioritize multi-purpose furniture. After all, why have a storage solution and a seating option when you can have both in one? The Santa Barbara Storage Ottoman is sure to be a fantastic addition to your living room. Its shape and size make it the perfect option for a footrest or for extra seating. Open the ottoman and you’ll find plenty of space to store extra pillows, blankets and the like. A table with storage underneath is also well-suited to a tidy living room. Instead of leaving the clutter on top of the table, when you’re done with whatever you’re using, you can tuck it underneath for clean, sensible storage.

Designate space

As a child, you’re taught to put everything back where it belongs. The lesson still rings true in adult life. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s infinitely easier to stick a phone charger, remote control or half-read magazine into the nearest nook or cranny, but make it a habit to put each little thing back where it goes. Not only will designating a specific place for these daily must-haves make the room look cleaner, but when you go to find these things again, you’ll know exactly where they are. So long, couch cushion abyss!

Befriend baskets

One of the most cost-effective ways to keep your living room tidy is to use baskets. By combining like items into specific baskets — blankets, kids’ toys, magazines — it’s easier to divide and conquer. Depending on your lifestyle and the style of your home, baskets might work simply as an organizing tool, as the middleman between disaster and control, or as an integral part of your living room decor. Sometimes, a wicker basket filled with blankets makes a beautifully rustic statement, but don’t get carried away! I suggest using no more than two baskets in a single room, or else they start to look like clutter themselves.

Contain electronics

Some of the biggest culprits of living room mess are electronics. From the computer charger that’s trailing across the room to scattered remotes and random stacks of CDs and DVDs, electronics should be contained in a tidy space. For a big change, invest in a complete media center or a TV console. A piece like this will hold your TV at the ideal height and has plenty of built-in storage for all the TV accessories that tend to float around the living room. Another must for a clean living room is a charging station. This will provide a central strip of outlets and keep all of those pesky chargers in one place.

Daily pick-up

If all else fails, the best way to maintain a tidy living room is commit to a daily pick-up session. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone! Give each member of your family a category of items to gather and put away — you’ll be surprised at how quickly the room transforms.


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