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Festive Dining Room Decor For The Holidays

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The holiday season seems to roll around quicker every year, and regardless of whether you’re an avid entertainer or prefer quiet, intimate gatherings, it’s never too early to start thinking about festive decor for your dining room. The holidays are a perfect time to dust off your good china, lay out festive napkins, create a centerpiece and move away from eating at your kitchen island, all to enjoy the comfort of plush dining room chairs and ample space at your table where you can converse with family and friends over a delicious feast. With your dining room in demand over the holidays, you can readily embrace the festive spirit with our selection of decor ideas to set the tone. 

Create a Holiday Centerpiece

Your table centerpiece is the festive glue that brings your room together by joining your essential dining elements such as plates and glasses with holiday style. A centerpiece gives you an excuse to infuse vibrant color into your decor with red, green, gold or silver trim, or you can opt to go for a rustic festive look with natural wood grains and reindeer moss. You can create a low-cost table centerpiece with bowls, candles, glasses and trays you have at home and add in some candy or seasonal holiday flowers. Try making glittered sugar plums, an evergreen terrarium or little sequined Christmas trees from cardstock if you really want to impress your guests.

Design a Holiday Table Setting

Whether you have a contemporary home or traditional space, you can create a festive table setting that complements your dining table and room decor. A table runner with a holiday design or in a festive color is an easy way to infuse ‘Christmas joy’ into your dining space. Festive napkins folded into an artistic creation, novelty napkin rings, Christmas crackers and laying out your good silver or fancy plates is another way to make your dinner parties fun and extra special for the holidays.

Seasonal Wall Art

Christmas decorations aren’t just for hanging on your tree. Be sure to spruce up your dining room walls with color, wreaths and other seasonal art that embraces the holiday spirit. From hanging Christmas cards on a string to draping berry-filled garlands, you don’t need to look far for the perfect holiday decoration to feature on your wall. Traditional signage that reads “Happy Holidays,” Christmas stockings and large cloth advent calendars are other ideal festive decorations to showcase in your dining room. Consider incorporating vintage accents such as an old sled with a red bow or burlap sack filled with pine cuttings for something with a more rustic vibe. If you have shelves in your dining space, you give the display a festive lift with a mini tree, trio of plants or holiday garland. 

Add a Warm Area Rug

You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to tie your festive room together with a rug. A warm area rug underfoot is the perfect solution to protecting your flooring from various decorations, such as a Christmas tree. It keeps your feet feeling cozy and can complete your holiday decor. Consider seasonal colors such as red or green, complement your winter wonderland theme with a soft, shaggy rug or indulge your whimsy side with a patterned floor covering. 

Dress Up Windows 

You can often overlook window dressings in a room full of holiday cheer, making the area look bare. You can change this appearance by hanging a wreath from a bright red ribbon or framing your window with a Christmas ornament garland. A lightweight DIY holiday banner, a Christmas theme window box sitting on the ledge and dangling snowflakes are other creative ideas that can make your window pop with color and bring joy to those passing by the display. If you want to maintain your view outside, keep your window dressing simple with a few snow globes on the sill.

Holiday Accessories

Rather than overwhelming your space with numerous pieces of large holiday decor, you can make more of an impression by placing smaller accent items around your room. A holiday lamp or Christmas candles on your sideboard is perfect for creating ambiance, while a small bowl of baubles and pine cones on your bar cart gives it a festive look. Alternatively, placing a string of lights around shelving or other dining room furniture is another way to set the mood for celebrating the holidays. 

Find Holiday Decor at Home Zone Furniture

Decorating for the holidays is fun and exciting with our selection of festive ideas. Whether you’re ready to add in a few tabletop accessories or go all out for the holidays with a new dining table and chairs, we have a wide range of home furniture to suit your interior style. You can contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for assistance finding the perfect room accent to complement your holiday decorations or furniture to host your guests over the holiday season. You can shop online or visit your local Home Zone store to browse our selection of dining room furniture. 

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