How to create a space that’s just for you

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As a mother of four with a household and a business to run, you know I’m short on time and that prioritization is critical for me to maintain my sanity. Another thing in short supply around my house? Personal space. It’s less about the square footage of your home and more about the number of children and the way your home becomes all about them and less about you.

That’s why this post is all about how to create your own space at home, a place that’s just for Mom. One that allows you to take a break, be yourself and enjoy some “me time.” I call it the “Bree Spot,” but you can call yours the “Me Spot.”

Do you still remember who “you” are? Good. Let’s start there. Say you’re a…

Workout wonder woman (or want to be)
If you like to stretch or practice yoga, all you need is a corner area or larger to make your “Me Spot” happen. Lay a yoga mat facing a great view: either of a piece of art you love, a window or a blank wall so you can imagine whatever calms your mind. If aerobics, cycling or lifting weights is more your style, a bit more space is needed, and bright paint colors or motivational art will get you in the mood to sweat. Add the right music and suddenly you’re in your happy place.

Crafty Cathy
Be honest. Do you secretly call yourself “Martha”? Well, that famous crafter aside, every homemaker who likes to don an apron and knows how to create enviable radish roses, napkin swans and wrapping paper masterpieces needs her own space to do it. All it takes is a bit of creativity—maybe a bit of inner your “Martha”?—to find your own little craft haven. Do you have a spare linen closet? Think you could move some things around to make it so you do? If not, something as simple as a cabinet or armoire could be fashioned into a craft nook with a trip to your local hardware store.

Garden gnome?
Who says your “Me Spot” has to be indoors? A beautiful herb garden, koi pond, flowerbed, water feature or even just a simple bench to sit and read can provide all the peace and fulfillment you need. If you love to garden, section off a bit of yard and create your dream landscape. No yard? No problem! Vertical gardens are all the rage these days; just check out these Pinterest boards for great ideas to get you started. Do you have a brown thumb but still love the outdoors? A Zen garden might suit you just fine. Create a space you love, take a deep breath and relax.

Working warrior
Does work get you jazzed? There’s nothing wrong with that! But it’s hard to get work done with all the domestic distraction. So find a space that’s all yours and isolate yourself from those interruptions. Customize the space with office furniture you like and pictures of friends and family. Make sure your family knows that when Mom’s at work, she’s at work. So knock first, and wait to be let inside.

Once you’ve made your “Me Spot” your own, it can become your haven. Take your time personalizing it and building a space that’s truly special to you. The more it feels like home, the better you’ll feel inside.



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