Getting your kids ready for a new school year

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It’s hard to believe, but summer is drawing to a close and a new school year is upon us. While reestablishing a steady routine can be a relief in some households, for others it can be quite stressful. To make the transition easier for everyone, get a head start on the first day with these simple tips.

Sleep schedule

The first thing to adjust—and the component that will need the longest transition time—is your kids’ sleep schedule. By this point in late summer, everyone’s used to a lax morning routine. If this habit continues, you’ll be in for a rude awakening come the first day of school! Have your kids go to bed and wake up earlier in increasing increments of time. The first day, maybe they go to sleep 15 minutes earlier, then 30 minutes. A slow buildup means less shock to everyone’s systems—including yours.

Staying busy goes hand in hand with getting out of bed on time. Schedule activities for your kids in the morning so all are encouraged to get up, get dressed and get on with their day. Even if the activity is something as small as walking the dog or taking out the trash, it creates a sense of purpose for being awake.

Get organized

The start of school is a perfect excuse for getting organized. Buy the necessary school supplies for both home and the classroom, and create an organized work environment where your children can do their homework. Prep the space with the appropriate binders, folders and file holders to make the first few weeks of school as smooth as possible. You can even make cute desk organizers using recycled materials from your home!

Each child should have their own planner that they use to record homework. But introduce them to the idea of keeping track of their extracurriculars as well. Though you’ll already have the 4PM soccer game and Tuesday afternoon piano lesson in your planner, encourage responsibility and timeliness in your child by having them keep a schedule, too.

Meal prep

We’ve all had those crazy weekday mornings when everyone’s running late, hasn’t been fed and doesn’t have a lunchbox ready. Avoid moments like these by planning and preparing meals ahead of time. It’s tempting to go with something easy like cereal or toaster pastries in the morning, but there are plenty of simple recipes out there that are both healthy and satisfying.

Fruit parfaits are a favorite at our house. Just layer granola, yogurt and fruit for a concoction that’s easy to eat at the breakfast table or on the go. A fruit shake is another great option for busy mornings. You can even throw avocado, kale or spinach into the mix without the kids noticing. Other breakfast favorites include banana and peanut butter on toast and the tried-and-true egg and cheese sandwich.

As for lunch, I find with younger kids that the more fun it is, the better. When possible, I try to make shapes or faces in the food I pack for my kids to help brighten their day. An easy crowd-pleaser is whatever their favorite sandwich is—PB&J, ham and cheese, what have you—cut into a shape using a cookie cutter. Another snack idea for kids of all ages is “ants on a log,” made with peanut butter smeared into a celery stick and sprinkled with raisins.

Here’s to a successful start to the school year!


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