Best Winter Furniture

As the cooler season brings with it a drop in the outside temperature, you can warm up your home and make it feel cozy with the best winter furniture from our Home Zone collection. Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or ranch, and whether you have ample space in your lounge or boast a small dining room, we have furniture and décor accessories to suit every style. With elements from a wide, lush sofa to the rich and warm tones of natural wood and high tufted beds, you can keep your home looking stylish and your family feeling warm this winter.

1. Winter Living Room Furniture

The living room is where everyday life happens—even more so in the winter as you snuggle up by the fire or enjoy a family game night. A big, wide couch such as our Balboa and Bishop sofas is a must-have for the winter season. The soft cushions provide sumptuous, enveloping comfort and gentle support that is perfect for the entire family. The polyester fabric is soft to the touch, enhancing your warmth, comfort, and feeling of security, yet it is easy to clean after hosting a family movie night.

If you live in a small apartment or want to save on space, you can still enjoy the comfort of a soft cushioned couch with our versatile Aaron sofa. While the two-seater couch will save you space, the oversized seating still gives you the feeling of luxury and coziness, and the reclining seat is the perfect excuse to relax inside on a cold winter evening.

You can enhance the feeling of warmth in your home by choosing fabric couches over leather seats. Be sure to add a splash of color and texture to your living room with cushions and rugs from our accents range. By adding soft, interesting layers with warm tones to your space, such as our Resello Spice Print and Vella Red pillow or Pandora rug, you will ground your living room and increase the area’s coziness.

2. Winter Dining Room Furniture

Staying indoors during the winter season is always a joy when you’re entertaining family and friends. You can style your dining room to make anyone feel welcome with a warm-toned wooden table and upholstered chairs such as our Carrie design. The round table is perfect for small spaces or intimate settings, while inserting the leaf creates more room for larger gatherings.

Our grand Magnolia dining suite is ideal for big families or filling a large space. With Acacia wood tones and contrasting beige upholstered chairs, this timeless collection reflects the perfect winter style. The coffee-colored tabletop with softly curved legs brings an elegant warmth to the room while the soft fabric on the chairs exudes sophistication and comfort.

Farmhouse and rustic dining suites such as our Monticello table and chairs blend country style with modern comforts. Your home will instantly exude warmth and elicit images of burning log fires and cozy cottages with this richly-toned tabletop and its white-painted base.

3. Winter Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to creating comfort, coziness, and warmth in the bedroom, keep natural wood and soft fabrics in mind. There is nothing more luxurious and indulgent in the bedroom than excess fabric, such as the designs incorporated into the headboard and foot of our Latham and Riverside beds. The texture and tactile finish of these beds are sure to make your space cozy and inviting, especially when you pair them with soft and plump pillows.

One of the joys of furnishing your bedroom for the winter season is that the space can reflect an entirely different style than the rest of your home. You could have a country-style theme in the dining and living areas but embrace the luxury of our Glam suite in the bedroom. The grey upholstered headboard gives the bed a soft sophistication while the mirrored accent on each piece of furniture is perfect for reflecting warm light around the room to create a cozy space. You won’t want to leave your bedroom when you match this suite with a colorful throw or thick comforter.

4. Winter Outdoor Furniture

You can make your outdoor space into a cozy and warm winter wonderland with a few key pieces of furniture from our collection. While you will want your primary outdoor furnishings to include weather resilient materials, such as wood or stainless steel, you can enhance your comfort with pieces that you can easily store inside when they are not in use.

Consider our range of accent chairs, including our Rodin Oyster chair. The soft fabric, cushioned seat, and wingback sides are perfect for relaxing under the stars. Pair this chair with a side table such as our X Squared end table or a bar cart to keep hot drinks within easy reach. Our Walter Cocktail table boasts a warm hue wood top with complementary brass legs that will have you thinking of a hot, crackling fire.

Get Your Cozy Winter Furniture Set at Home Zone Furniture

We have an extensive range of luxurious, comfortable, and inviting furniture that is sure to have you wanting to hibernate all winter. Regardless of your style, we have something to suit every taste to enhance your feelings of warmth and coziness this winter.

If you have any questions about which pieces to incorporate into your home, or if you want advice about how to complement your existing furniture with new pieces, the Home Zone team is happy to assist. You can visit one of our stores or contact us with your inquiries.

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