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4 Bedroom Sets for Any Home Decor Style

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The process of decorating your home is both a delight and a challenge. While most people know immediately what furniture or decor they like simply by seeing it, sometimes the answer isn’t quite so easy. You might find a piece of furniture beautiful, but does it complement your home’s existing style? It’s important to incorporate similar motifs, textures and colors in every room of your home — even the bedroom. Maintain style consistency in your home with a well-chosen bedroom set from Home Zone Furniture.

Seattle Roomshot 1

If you prefer the rustic look, look no further than the Seattle Bedroom Set. Crafted with an ash veneer and pine wood solids, the Seattle is sturdy in structure, yet light in presence. Its neutral tone is soft and unassuming — the perfect addition to a master or guest bedroom alike. Clean lines and carved details emphasize the elegantly time-worn appeal of this set. Make your Seattle set look particularly inviting with luxurious white bed linens, a serene wall color and a cushy area rug.

Haven Room Shot

If clean lines are of utmost importance in your home, choose the Haven Bedroom Set. Streamlined and zen, the Haven Bedroom Set is a must-have for every contemporary home. Its authentic cherry veneer features a deep espresso finish that works with any existing wall color or sheet set. The Haven Bedroom Set is an ideal addition to homes featuring metallic textures and a minimalist look.

patriot bedroom

If your home’s aesthetic is clean and classic, choose the Patriot Bedroom Set. The Patriot Set is a timeless, dependable choice and is available in traditional black, white or cherry finishes. Built of solid wood and select veneers, the Patriot Bedroom Set will stand the test of time and outlast any passing trends. With its sturdy presence and elegant lines, the Patriot is perfect choice to fill a traditional home.

Windsor Roomshot

The Windsor Bedroom Set treats you to an antique look with contemporary craftsmanship. This is the ideal set for a home that honors both old-world charm and the dependability of modern-day furniture. From the intricately carved details to the ornate drawer pulls, the Windsor is a refined, European-inspired selection for any bedroom.

With these four beautiful bedroom sets, you’re sure to find something that will complement your home and serve your family for years to come.


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