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Back-to-School Furniture Essentials for Your College Dorm or Apartment

Nothing is more exciting than starting the school year in a new dorm or apartment. While you may be ready to tick off your list of textbooks, stationery and supplies, be sure to consider your back-to-school furniture and decor carefully. We understand that students are on a tight budget; however, you can create a comfortable and stylish study space or relaxing home to enjoy in between classes with our clever tips. 

Things to Consider When Shopping For Back to School Furniture

Before setting out on your shopping trip, consider what furniture is already included in your dorm or apartment. There’s no point doubling up on desks or chairs when you could purchase another practical piece of furniture or some chic wall art instead. You should also check the dorm rules or ask your landlord if there are any prohibited items so you can avoid these pieces when shopping.

Apartments can offer limited space, so whether you’re selecting furniture for your bedroom, living or dining area, be sure to measure the room before choosing a bed, sofa or table. You should also check the width of your doorways so you know that you can get the furniture into the room. This planning can save you the hassle and frustration of being stuck with a large sofa, chair or bed that you can’t use. 

With limited space in your room, multi-functional furniture and storage solutions are ideal for reducing clutter. Beds with built-in drawers and storage ottomans can help you hide away out-of-season clothes or extra blankets and give you a tidy space to relax when you’re not studying. Slim furniture such as a bookshelf with storage baskets is also a creative and stylish way to prevent small belongings from being dumped on your bed or desk and allows you to maximize your floor space.  

Furniture for Dorm Rooms & Apartments at Home Zone

Home Zone is the place to go if you are looking for the best furniture for dorm rooms or small apartments. Whether you want to furnish every room in an apartment or only require a chair or side table for your dorm, we provide an extensive range of affordable and stylish new furniture.

woman sitting on a blue couch with a wood coffee table in the front
  • Living Room Furniture

Start by filling your space with the basics, such as a comfortable couch, coffee table and TV stand. A couch can provide your room with a focal point; however, just because your living room may be small doesn’t mean you have to settle for a single love seat. A small couch with a chaise can give you the same look and comfort as a sectional without taking up a lot of space.

Select a coffee table that provides storage for remotes, games, and books or if you want to keep the middle of your room clear, you can position an end table discreetly to the side of your couch. Alternatively, you can get creative with a storage ottoman that offers you the ability to rest your feet, store your accessories and act as a coffee table on game nights. Media centers are another ideal way to add storage to your living room, and it saves you from having to mount your TV to the wall. 

  • Bedroom Furniture

You can make your bedroom a sanctuary and personalize your space with a comfy bed, dresser and stylish bedding. We recommend staying away from bulky furniture and selecting pieces that can make your room feel bigger and brighter. Beds with thin legs and space underneath allow you to roll storage containers under the frame, while a low dresser can also double as your nightstand. Add in some cozy bedding, soft pillows and a throw blanket, and you can have a minimal yet stylish and cozy bedroom. 

  • Kitchen Tables

Finding furniture for a dining room is straightforward. You need a place to sit and eat a meal, so a dining table and chairs are the only requirements. If your apartment has a breakfast bar, you can opt for some stylish bar stools and forgo the table. Alternatively, buying a counter height table and chairs is ideal for saving on space as we have a wide range of styles with storage drawers and slim measurements. 

  • Accent Furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have some extra space in your dorm or apartment for additional furniture, you should first consider practical items such as side tables, accent chairs, ottomans or a dining room server. These pieces can add some personality to your space and offer storage solutions or extra visitors’ seating. 

  • Decor

Lastly, you can make your apartment or dorm a warm and inviting home by styling your room with affordable decor such as lamps, pillows, rugs, faux greenery and wall art. Decorative mirrors are also an ideal way to brighten darker spaces and allow you to check your outfit before walking out the door. You want to ensure your room has ample lighting for studying, reflects your personality and is a space where you can also relax.

Home Zone Can Help With All of Your Furniture Needs

With our extensive range of affordable furniture, you can make back-to-school furniture shopping fun and hassle-free. If you’re still trying to decide on the best furniture for your dorm room or apartment, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for helpful advice. You can also browse our items online or visit your local Home Zone store to find the perfect style to suit your room. 

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