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Starting points: What’s your decorating style?

Hello, happy homemakers!

It’s true: Home Zone has hundreds of pieces of high-quality furniture for your home, in styles that suit all tastes. But what if you’re not quite sure of your style? Fear not! I’m here to help. Consider me your couch coach, your style swami—your guide to making everyday look great. Let’s figure it out together…

Open your closet
Popular interior designer and lifestyle blogger Emily Henderson was really onto something when she came up with the idea of coordinating your decorating style with your wardrobe. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out the types of fashion choices we make are closely related to the type of interior design and furnishings we adore. Start in your closet. Think about the jewelry you wear; the colors and textures you’re drawn to; whether you prefer solids or patterns, classic styles or modern ones; and let those ideas guide you.

Turn the page
Next time you find yourself standing near a magazine rack, make a point to flip through a few home design magazines. Which photos are you most drawn to? For example, if you love classic pieces with turned legs, tailored details and heavier, old-world fabrics, you might have more traditional taste. If you prefer clean lines, sophisticated fabrics and fashion-forward touches, you’re probably feeling pretty modern. And if you love the concept of giving traditional styles an unexpected, modern twist, you are likely transitional. And at Home Zone, we have pieces to fit all these styles at fabulous prices—no dreaming necessary.

Click around
There are quite a few sites that can help you hone in on your style, if not with a quiz, then by helping you select inspirational images that resonate with you. My favorite is Pinterest, because you can create boards for each style, each room in your home or anything else you’d like! Other sites that aim to inspire include and It’s so easy to create a virtual scrapbook of styles you like, and the more you click around, the more certain types will naturally float to the top.

Phone a friend
Sometimes we see ourselves differently than others do. You might see your style as a jumble of likes and dislikes, while your best friend or sister might know exactly how to define your style. Give it a shot—call your BFF and ask, “If you had to describe my style, what would you say?” You might be surprised!

Take a vacation
When you step outside of the real world, you may find yourself free to discover more about yourself. Imagine you could live anywhere in the world, in any type of home. Where would you live? What would your home look like? Get inspired. Sure, you can’t actually live anywhere in the world in any home you want, but you can certainly draw inspiration from those daydreams to create spaces in your own home that make you happier each day.

I’m thinking by now you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you like and don’t like when it comes to home décor. But if you’re still unsure, no worries—head to Home Zone and let our pros take care of you. We’ll show you how to incorporate our high-value, high-quality pieces into your home for a style that suits you just right.

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