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Summery Ways to Adorn Your End Table or Coffee Table

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Has your home décor been feeling a little monotonous lately? One of the quickest ways to make a room feel refreshed and up to date is with a thoughtful arrangement of seasonal accessories on your end table or coffee table.

Go beyond the expected lamp next to the couch and challenge yourself to curate a combination of accessories that reflects the season and enhances your rooms.

Don’t know where to start? Get inspired with a few of our  go-to accessories!

Seasonal books
Stack up a few colorful coffee table books that remind you of summer. Whether the subject is beaches, national parks or travel, these books will start conversation.

Embellish your side table with an arrangement of candles. In order to keep the arrangement dimensional and interesting, mix candles of different sizes and widths, but maintain the same color throughout.

Personal collections
A personal collection is a great way to put a unique spin on a side table. Your collection could be something as simple as a few family photos from past summer vacations or a jar of seashells that reminds you of your favorite beach.

Flower arrangements
A coffee table is never complete without a bouquet of flowers! Choose a small vase of seasonal blooms like peonies, or opt for something a little lower maintenance like succulents.

Utilitarian items
Every coffee table needs a few utilitarian (yet decorative) elements as well. If your coffee table is upholstered or delicate, be sure to put down a decorative tray to protect the surface from drinks. Another idea you might try is a decorative box in the living room to hold your remote control and other eyesores.

Mini bar
In a formal living room, try creating a mini bar tray on the coffee table filled with cocktail mixing essentials. Even if you don’t use it often, a bottle of your favorite liquor, a few glasses and a tumbler can bring a sophisticated, formal element to the space.

Statement art
Reinvent your side tables by imagining them as pedestals for your favorite artwork. In a low-traffic room, such as the formal living room, use your side tables to feature a dimensional piece of sculpture or pottery. Confirm that the art is properly affixed to the table so it doesn’t accidentally topple over!

Citrus fruits
One of my favorite ways to accessorize a room for summer is with a large bowl of fresh citrus fruits. Not only will a bowl of lemons, limes or oranges add a zesty dose of color to your atmosphere, it will create a fresh, clean smell, too.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you put your unique arrangement together. First, maintain a similar color palette to keep elements from looking disparate. Next, to create a balanced arrangement, start with the largest item, then build out with smaller pieces. Last but not least, remember the rule of three — too many things on one surface, and it will end up looking cluttered!


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