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Steps to update your mudroom for summer

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With school officially out, it’s time to make the mental and physical switch from spring to summer. Slide into some flip-flops, plan a backyard barbecue and treat your home to a seasonal spruce-up, starting with the mudroom. A well-oiled mudroom keeps your house clean, and ensures you’re prepared for all the activities summer has to offer.


Let me start by saying that even if you don’t have a designated mudroom, these tips apply to any space that serves as a catchall for home essentials. Mudrooms are usually found at the front or back of the house and don’t even have to be a “room” at all. Carve one out of an empty corner or a free closet, as space permits.

The first step to summerizing your mudroom is to swap out the items it contains. Currently the space is likely cluttered with things you won’t need for a few months (we’re looking at you, school backpack). Comb through your mudroom and pull these unnecessary items out and store them in a different area to make room for summer necessities. A few items might stay such as the dog’s bed, rain boots, hats and sunscreen, but for the most part, you’ll want to start fresh.


There are a number of summer essentials you’ll need to stock before the season’s in full swing. Beach towels are useable year after year, but refill your supply of sunscreen, bug spray and first-aid items to ensure you’re ready for anything the season throws your way.

If your kids are young and growing like weeds, you’ll most likely need to re-buy some items just for them. These include sunhats, sunglasses and water shoes. Other useful kid items I like to grab as I head out the door for long drives or restaurant dinners are crayons, coloring books and socks.


A mudroom feels like a disaster area when it isn’t well organized. During the seasonal update, take the time to reevaluate the organizational situation. Think through the daily functions of your mudroom. Is there a hook for everyone’s bag, a spot for some shoes, sufficient shelving and assigned spaces for all categories of essentials?

Built-in shelving is an asset to any mudroom, however you can stay just as organized with standing shelves or mounted shelves. Bins and baskets are also key to keeping your mudroom looking clean and organized. They help hide clutter and should allow everyone to find their items more easily. Go a step further and label the bins. Use clip-on labels or dry erase stickers so the bins can go from season to season.


Though a mudroom is designed to get dirty, remember that a clean mudroom helps keep the rest of your house clean.

Have a couple washable rugs on hand to catch any tracked-in mud. This will dramatically cut down on the amount of sweeping and mopping required through the rest of the house. If you don’t have a built-in sink in the mudroom, keep moist towelettes on hand to quickly wipe off dirty hands and feet (or paws, as the case may be). If your kiddos are going to be getting wet outdoors, having a few beach towels within reach is essential. Roll up the towels and put them in a place your kids can access quickly.


The mudroom isn’t necessarily a room to “decorate,” but it should still fit the decorative theme evident throughout your house. My advice is to keep the mudroom simple, using color and texture for accents.

Throw in a pop of color using a rug, seating cushions, wall hooks or canvas bins. Even the pillows on a bench or your summer tote can be used for this purpose. As for texture, consider a summery, seagrass rug, woven bins or wood shelving with a distressed finish.

Feel free to add art or photos to the wall, as they don’t take up any surface space and add personality. But be wary of decorative items that don’t have a purpose and just take up room. The priority should be on maximizing space and functionality.

With a well-stocked, smartly organized mudroom, I promise you’ll be ready for summer in no time. Happy organizing, homemakers!

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