Tips for keeping your home neat for holiday guests

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Are you entertaining guests in your home this holiday season? Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, hosting guests always comes with a bit of stress. To me, one of the most important hostess duties if getting your home clean before guests arrive and keeping it that way through their stay. A clean home will not only make guests feel welcome, but it will also give you a sense of order and calm, even when your house is bursting at the seams with family and friends.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and the whole house needs to be cleaned, begin with the guest bedroom and bathroom. Start by decluttering the shelves and surfaces as much as you possibly can. Temporarily take away any personal knick knacks to create an inviting hotel vibe and give guests the room to set their things down.

Throw all of the guest room linens and towels into the laundry. If you need to buy new bed linens, towels and washrags for the occasion, go for white because you can always bleach them. Once the linens have been cleaned and the bed is remade, be sure to put out a variety of pillows and extra blankets.

Once you’ve decluttered and completed the laundry, it’s time to clean the guest bedroom and bathroom. Work from the top down wiping surfaces, dusting thoroughly and vacuuming the area. Now’s the time to also clean the ceiling fan and clean under the bed, too.

After you’ve cleaned the bathroom, outfit it with the essentials so your guests don’t have to ask. Leave a stack of towels, a washrag, extra toilet paper, cotton balls and ear swabs. If you really want to go the extra mile, include a small basket of travel-sized toiletries.

Help your guests keep their room clean by making space in the closet for their clothes and opening a folding stand for their luggage to sit on. If your guest is staying for more than a few days, put out a laundry basket for them and offer to run a load for them.

Once the guest room is in good condition, it’s time to tackle the common areas. After you’ve decluttered and cleaned, launder any upholstered furniture and blankets your guests might use.

Ensure the common areas of your home stay clean by organizing before guests arrive. Consider a basket for blankets, a magazine rack, and a charging station to keep all cords and plugs contained. At the end of every night, after your guests go to bed, take an extra five minutes to put everything from the remote control to the pillows back in their designated places so your guests wake up to a clean home.

How do you keep your home neat while entertaining guests?


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