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Why now is the time to start spring cleaning

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Why is it that we wait until the most beautiful time of year to stay inside and clean house? Beats me! This year, instead of putting off major spring cleaning for that perfect, sunny day in April, tackle the project now! If you’re not convinced, here are a few reasons to start your spring cleaning today, plus some helpful hints on cleaning strategically.

Everyone is sick

With changing weather comes allergies and all kinds of viruses. If your family has recently been sick, now is the perfect time to completely disinfect your home and make sure no one else catches the bug. Disinfecting everything from countertops to doorknobs will help raise the quality of the air and ward off sickness. Even if your family has been well up to this point, a good home cleaning will help ensure they stay healthy.

The weather

It’s safe to say that there are beautiful spring days ahead. If you’d like to be gardening on these days rather than organizing closets, plan ahead and get all of the dirty work done while the weather is less than desirable. Especially on rainy days where you’re stuck inside, take advantage and check some things off your spring cleaning list!

Spring fashions

From bed linens to footwear, a change in season means a change in fashions. Spring cleaning means more than scrubbing and polishing — it means digging through all of that stuff in the back of closets and drawers, too. Pull out all of your spring items — warm-weather clothing, Easter decor, lightweight blankets — to make sure you don’t go out and accidentally buy duplicates.

Okay, so we’ve convinced you to get your spring cleaning done now. But where to start? Here are some tips for tackling your spring cleaning with a strategy.

Make lists

Another reason many of us are guilty of putting off spring cleaning is because there’s just so much to do. As in any stressful situation, begin by making a master list. Break down your list by room, and then list each task for each room. While it’s tempting to just write “vacuuming” once at the top of your list, be sure to write down the task under each room’s list so you stay focused.

Start with the closets

But where on the room’s list to start? In each room, begin by organizing the closet. This is likely where the majority of your items have been left and forgotten. By eliminating items from the closet and putting what’s left in order, you’ll be more mindful about the other things you end up putting in the closet as you continue cleaning.

Set a timer

Spring cleaning is a big project, but it doesn’t need to consume you! I suggest you don’t try to tackle spring cleaning in one day. Instead, break it up into sections. Give yourself an hour to complete each room. Especially when you’re working on eliminating and organizing, sometimes it feels like there’s no end in sight. However, if you give yourself a set amount of time to complete the task, you’re more likely to get it done quickly and move on rather than linger and doubt what you’re getting rid of.

With these strategies up your sleeve, spring cleaning this year will be easier than ever.


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