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Tips for decorating your kid’s room

Summer is the perfect time of year to tackle a redo of your kid’s room. You can take advantage of their time at home to get a sense about what they want their room to look like and see how they use the space.

First, ask your child what color scheme he/she likes, what patterns they prefer and what other décor components they’d like to see. Whether you end up just adding new age-appropriate touches or you’re in for a complete overhaul, here are a few tips to decorate a room your child can grow up with.

Furniture is the primary component to consider. The most important thing here is to choose functional pieces your child can use for years to come. Avoid toddler beds that don’t expand, and styling that may be deemed too childish in a few years. One piece I love from the Home Zone collection is the Durango Twin/Full bunk bed. It’s an ideal bed for children on the verge of their teen years or for rooms that house more than one child. The bed’s finish is neutral, and you can change the bedding as often as you like to add some kid-approved color!

While classic neutral-colored furniture is great to have, it’s just as important to mix in some eye-catching accent pieces you know your child will love. This chevron-striped chest is a favorite at our house as it adds just the right amount of graphic style.

Keep the price down as you pick and choose furniture by incorporating new pieces with old ones. While you might not have a bunk bed in your furniture arsenal and may need to purchase a brand-new one, you can balance the cost by using a desk that you already own in the room.

A kid’s room isn’t complete without color, and there are many ways to incorporate it. One way is to paint an accent wall in your kid’s room. A well-selected paint color can transform a room without having to do much else. Choose a single wall and paint it either a single color or add vertical or horizontal stripes. By selecting a single wall instead of painting the entire room, the room will look less busy, especially when toys are scattered all over the floor. A good place to have an accent wall is behind the bed, especially if the bed is a neutral color.

Speaking of toys all over the floor, don’t forget about storage options. Having easy-access baskets for different categories of toys will (hopefully!) encourage little ones to clean up after themselves when they’re finished playing. Shelving is a must-have in a child’s room, too. You can use it to hold baskets of toys, as well as items they’d like to put on display. That sculpture they made in art class and camp photos will finally have a home.

To add color and personality to the room, incorporate accessories such as pillows, rugs and kid art. These items can be easily swapped out as your child grows and their preferences change. With these temporary items, don’t be afraid to add patterns into the mix. On the walls, hang framed art and other unique but inexpensive graphic pieces such as postcards or images from an old book.

Have fun with this family-friendly project!


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