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Big tips for decorating small spaces

Hey there, happy homemakers!

After spring-cleaning season is over, you may find it’s time to take a step back and reassess your living spaces. Are you feeling cramped?

If you live in what most would consider “small,” there are definitely a few tips and tricks we can offer for decorating smaller spaces to seem bigger. Shall we?

1. Time to toss
Take a look around. I’m betting there’s stuff you don’t need hanging out all over the place. If you haven’t used something in a few months, or even a year, it’s likely that you wouldn’t miss it if it went off to Goodwill or into the trash. If you can’t bear to part with something but it’s seriously cluttering up your feng shui, there’s always the garage, attic or basement. But be selective in what you reserve for storage. That space isn’t infinite, after all! Once you clear out the superfluous stuff, you’ll find you have more room than you thought you did.

2. Sub shelves for furniture
There are a few cases where you can use shelves instead of bulky furniture in smaller rooms to save space. In place of an office desk, credenza, linen closet or china cabinet, use shelving to create coziness and maximize your space. Check out this article for inspiration.

3. Just say no to walls
Walls close us in, mentally and physically. If budgets allow, open up your space by removing walls and replacing with room dividers such as shades or curtains. Or, use the furniture in your home itself to create natural divisions between rooms. For example, dining and living rooms often share space, but the difference between the two rooms is obvious due to the layout of the furniture in each.

4. Window tricks
Make ceilings look higher by placing curtain rods higher than the top of the windows. This creates the illusion that the window is larger than it is, and in turn that the room is larger than it actually is.

5. Time to reflect
Now that we’ve gone over a few space-saving tricks, don’t forget this one: adding mirrors. This time-tested trick creates the illusion of more room and is always a winner. It reflects your style and looks beautiful in any décor. Visit Home Zone for a full selection of mirrors for your home.

Voila! More space where there was less before. That was easy, right? Best of luck, and happy homemaking!




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