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How To Maximize Your Home Office Space

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No matter the industry, working from home can be a challenge. The days are long, the distractions are plentiful, and it can be difficult to draw the line between work and life at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, working from home is a luxury, but you need the right elements to make the most out of your workspace and stay productive. From nice lighting to sufficient surface space, Home Zone Furniture has all the essentials you need to create your ultimate home office.

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Surface space

Whether you work in your office for eight hours a day or just drop in occasionally, a utilitarian surface to work on is a non-negotiable. Opt for a table with a durable surface, a comfortable height and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. If you have a large room, you can afford to put in a big desk that you can spread out on. For those who have a smaller home office, pick a proportionately sized desk.

Perhaps you repurposed your desk and still need a bit more space. In that case, don’t be afraid to place a side table at the end of your desk. This can be a great way to add a touch more organization and make more room on your desk for big projects. Turn to this side table to hold a pesky stack of files or a table lamp.


The right chair is crucial to a well-appointed home office. It has to be comfortable enough to stay seated in for long hours, yet structured enough to ward off an accidental post-lunch snooze. Small spaces (and small desks) are best accompanied by a slender, structural chair such as the Elliot Metal Chair. Not only is this chair simple and contemporary with a fun pop of color, but it hardly takes up any space!

If you have more room and need something with a little more cushion and a lot of personality, try the Hilton Orange Chair. Before you go shopping for a chair, however, make sure to measure accordingly. With the right chair, you’ll be low enough to sit at your desk without your knees knocking, yet high enough to easily write or type without straining.


One of the best things about not working in an office building is avoiding those awful, headache-inducing fluorescent lights. Luckily for you, when you work from home, you can choose the lighting that best works for you. Go with soft overhead lighting, a desk lamp with an extendable head and strong lighting, or a table lamp with warm glow to make long nights in the office a little less dark. For my home office, I like the Samone Table Lamp. It has the silhouette of a traditional lamp, but its structural, outlined base doesn’t take up much room on my desk.


Organization can take all shapes and forms in a home office. It all depends on your system and what you need to organize. In many cases, an organized home office will maximize your productivity because you won’t have to spend as much time on the hunt for missing papers and spare paper clips.

For files, nix the traditional filing cabinet in favor of a vertical filing system you can attach to the wall. This change will create some additional floor space and keep all important files immediately on hand. Instead of a clunky bookshelf, try floating shelves for your books — you’ll be amazed at how much bigger it makes the room feel!

Lastly, try affixing a white board affixed to the wall to organize your ideas. Whether you use it to write your to-do list or some thoughts on an upcoming project, it’s an easy point of reference to come back to throughout the day.


A home office — or any workspace for that matter — isn’t successful without a dose of inspiration to keep you going throughout the day. Maybe for you it’s a few framed family photos, or perhaps a hanging or potted plant to help make the space just a little more inviting. A pop of color in the decor here and there is certainly invigorating, as well.

For me, an inspiration board is a must-have. On the board I’ll pin little momentos, magazine clippings, invitations, art from my kids and so on. Just glancing up at these things helps propel me through my day and maximizes my productivity.

What’s essential to productivity in your home office?



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