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How to use texture in every room of your home

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Home style in 2017 is all about combining color and pattern for a look that’s dimensional and totally unique. No matter what your home decor style may be, try adding some natural texture throughout your home for interiors that are inviting and on-trend for the new year.

Here’s how you can incorporate interesting textures into every room of your home.


Nothing makes a bedroom cozier than the addition of texture. For a big change, try incorporating a new bedroom set with a rustic, wooden bed frame and complementary pieces such as bedside tables and a dresser. To create the perfect combination of mountain retreat and urban oasis, outfit your bed with crisp white linens. If your sheets are a flat cotton blend, add a quilted blanket, an embellished duvet and velvet pillow shams to create dimension.

The final touch is a cozy fur blanket. Drape across the end of your bed, for a sleek and textured look.

Kitchen and Dining

In an age when so many kitchens look similar, you should seize any opportunity you can to mix in personal touches with color and texture. For a fun yet relatively simple addition, replace your backsplash with tiles in a beautiful color or intricate design. While the tiles you choose should work well with your countertops and floor, it’s a relatively inexpensive project that can yield a transformative impact.

In the dining room, invest in a conversation-starting chandelier to add an air of elegance to any dinner party. Place a rug underfoot for a space that feels inviting and warm.

Living Room

The living room is the heart of the home, and it’s also one of the easiest places to work in textured elements. Start small by incorporating earthy textures such as wool, burlap or linen into your throw pillow assortment. Next, find blankets with luxurious, nature-inspired textures, such as faux fur or a thick knit, to drape over the back of a chair or couch. Focusing on pillows and blankets is a quick way to reinvent the look of a large room without having to reupholster furniture.

Keep in mind that a living room isn’t complete without an area rug to pull it all together. Depending on the existing style of your room, you might choose a neutral, natural fiber rug with a laid-back, casual profile, or spring for something a little more orate and colorful, like a Turkish rug.


Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to decoration and personalization. For a long-term fix, make the bathroom your own by simply painting the cabinet doors a different color. It doesn’t have to be an outrageous shade — just something that coordinates with what’s already there for a bit of dimension.

For powder rooms in particular, don’t be afraid to make it a unique little space with art-inspired wallpaper and high-shine metallic hardware. Since you probably won’t use the powder bath everyday, it’s the perfect place to experiment with design ideas.

Finally, textiles are an easy, temporary way, to work in texture in the bathroom. Install an elegant shower curtain, lay down a soft bath mat, and place a decorative hand towel on display if space allows.

So whether your kitchen is feeling a little blasé or it’s time to vamp up your bedroom, turn to texture to add style and personality to your interiors in 2017.


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