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Cleaning Tips for Wood, Leather, Upholstered Furniture

We know you love your carefully chosen furniture and precious family heirlooms. We also understand that keeping your pieces pristine while enjoying them can be challenging. Spills, stains, and smells are unavoidable within living spaces — especially if you share couches with kids and pets.

Understanding Furniture Materials 

Are you wondering how to get a stain out of a couch or how to clean a wooden table? Fortunately, here are some proven furniture cleaning tips and tricks. They include dusting, washing, deep-cleaning techniques, and protecting furniture after cleaning. Our guide should help you understand how to remove sticky residue from a leather couch and how to clean metal furniture. 

How to Clean Wood Furniture

Wood furniture pieces, such as coffee tables, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, and the like, are often hardworking household items. While some manufacturers may have treated wood to withstand daily use, many items require preservation and protection. So this is how to clean a wood table or other items: 

First, remove any dried food or other debris to make your wood furniture cleaner, and dust other furnishings thoroughly. To remove dry dirt, moisten your dust cloth with water or mineral spirits. Next, consider cleaning with a natural DIY wood table cleaner — one cup of distilled water and three tablespoons of vinegar.

clean wood

For hard-to-remove watermarks on wood furniture, mix equal parts white vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Using a clean, soft cloth, gently rub the combination into the wood, wiping with the grain, then wipe off any residue with another soft, clean cloth.

Some wooden furniture is carved and ornate, so you may wonder how to clean crevices in wood furniture. After dusting, use a cotton swab to remove the remaining dust from carvings and crevices.

Finally, after cleaning your wood furniture, combine one cup of virgin olive oil and half a cup of fresh lemon juice to leave clean wood furniture shining. Using a clean microfiber cloth, polish your wood in circular motions. You can avoid polish build-up by using small amounts at a time and rubbing it thoroughly. Knowing how to clean a wood table and caring for wooden pieces will help them last.

How to Clean Couch Upholstery

Do you love your sofa but don’t know how to clean it? Fabric couches are subject to increased cloth absorbency and demands. That also goes for dining room chairs, sectionals, occasional chairs, loveseats, and other fabric furniture in the lounge, bedroom, and other living areas. Cleaning upholstery is essential. 

Upholstery can end up covered in fur and dirt, dark and discolored patches, and stains – and smelling less than fresh. Time to become a couch cleaner!

What’s the best way to clean a couch? Do you need a special stain remover for your couch? To start, address stains immediately. Blot couch upholstery with a cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible to prevent soaking. Avoid rubbing or using a wet cloth at this stage, as scrubbing can worsen the stain.

To thoroughly vacuum the item, prepare the upholstery and remove any loose dirt, dust, fur, or other dry matter. Remember to target under the cushions and inside folds and crevices. Once you’ve vacuumed your furniture, you’re ready to shampoo the couch. 

Curious how to get stains out of your couch? We recommended fabric-specific soap or upholstery cleaner, as diverse fabric types may require unique treatments. Choose an upholstery cleaner for your couch that contains natural ingredients safe for you, your children, and your household pets.

Finally, allow air to circulate to dry the fabric and aerate the room. To keep cloth couch furniture looking spruce, consider spraying the fabric with a protector after cleaning. 

Take care of spills immediately, vacuum at least once weekly, and deep clean twice yearly. Protecting and cleaning fabric couches will keep your home hygienic and looking and smelling fresh. It will help upholstery last longer. 

How to Clean a Leather Sofa and Other Pieces

Your leather couch is likely among your most robust items in terms of material, as many types of leather come pretreated to protect against inevitable accidents. However, should items become stained, here are some ideas for leather couch cleaning. 

Before you clean your couch or leather ottoman with an unknown substance, check the label on your leather furniture. The materials may be sensitive to the ingredients in specific cleansers, and suede may require different approaches than polished leather.

Before leather sofa or ottoman cleaning, use your nozzle and brush attachment to remove any surface debris by vacuuming the couch, including under the cushions and inside any nooks. Once you’ve vacuumed, gently wipe your furniture with distilled water; a mild, non-detergent liquid soap; or a leather-specific cleansing product with a soft, clean cloth. 

Don’t forget to add a leather conditioner to brighten and protect the material in the future. 

Metal Furniture Cleaning

Metal furniture, such as iron, aluminum, and stainless steel, is relatively easy to keep clean and maintain, but it’s essential to avoid stains and rust. Inside, furniture gets dusty, grimy, and stained, and outside furniture is vulnerable to the weather and animal droppings. 

First, remove dust using soapy water with a sponge, cloth, or soft brush. Use gentle cleansers, don’t scrub too hard, and ensure you dry the furniture after cleaning. Vitally, don’t use soap and water on rusted items. 

Keep metal furniture rust-free using a mixture of lemon juice and salt, or try a potato. Allow the lemon and salt mixture to settle for 20 minutes, brush off, then rinse and dry. Alternatively, use a potato half to brush rust away from the metal. Then, clean away dirt and dust with a soft cloth. You can also make a baking soda and water paste to remove light rust particles. 

Ornate wrought iron responds well to brushing or vacuuming to remove dirt, then cleaning with equal parts water and vinegar. For removing fingerprints from steel, use glass cleaner — apply to a clean cloth (never directly to the metal), then rinse and dry immediately. 

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