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How to Get Rid of The New Furniture Smell

How To Remove New Furniture Smell by Home Zone Furniture

Why Does New Furniture Smell?

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing new furniture for a room in your house. Whether you are investing in a new bed or you are buying a couch that your entire family can enjoy, this type of purchase usually comes with a sense of euphoria. It’s important to note, however, new furniture can come with a possibly off putting for the first few days or hours that it arrives in your home. Don’t worry though! There are several steps that you can take to remove the “new furniture scent” so that you can begin to enjoy your furniture.

The scent associated with new furniture is the result of the use of formaldehyde on certain wood products. Formaldehyde is used as a preservative for your furniture specifically in wood furniture. Although there are several benefits of using formaldehyde on furniture, the initial smell can come as a surprise to a new furniture owner.

What Does Formaldehyde Smell Like?

Formaldehyde has a unique smell that is easy to detect. When you walk into a room with new furniture and you smell a strong pickle-like odor, you are smelling formaldehyde. Considering that formaldehyde has such an unusual smell, you may be surprised to learn that the gas is something that is also produced naturally by all forms of life. Although the gas is generated in limited amounts, the production is critical form of life in general for cell metabolism.

Is New Furniture Smell Toxic?

An understandable concern when it comes to this toxic smell is the effect that it may have on your family members, specifically children, or your pets. If you or a loved one has asthma, the smell of formaldehyde can easily trigger an asthma attack. Other people have also reported suffering from headaches or feeling nauseous as a result of breathing in formaldehyde. 

In severe cases, extended exposure to formaldehyde can result in certain types of cancers, including sinus, throat or nose cancer as well as leukemia. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that people who developed cancer as a result of formaldehyde were generally exposed to the gas for much longer than a few hours or days. For example, formaldehyde is also found in tobacco smoke and is usually seen as a contributing factor to a smoker developing some type of cancer.

How Do You Get Rid of the New Cabinet Smell?

There are several steps that you can take to remove the smell of formaldehyde from your new cabinet faster. Some suggestions of what you can do are listed below.

  • Open the windows in your home for a couple of minutes every few days to let the fresh air naturally remove the lingering odor. A good rule of thumb is, if possible, plan to shop for new furniture around a time of year where you can leave your windows open for a longer stretch of time without feeling uncomfortable.
  • If opening your windows for an extended time is not an option, you should try to lower the temperature in your home to a cooler setting but one that will not make your family uncomfortable. A warmer atmosphere will hold the dense smell in the air, which will make it even more noticeable.
  • Before you place your new cabinet in your home, one recommendation is to check the weather first. If possible, leave the cabinet outside for hours or days so that the combination of air and direct sunlight can wipe away the factory odor. To avoid any issues with morning dew setting in, try to keep the cabinet on a covered porch or plan to cover it overnight.

How Do You Get Rid of the New Couch Smell?

The smell associated with a new couch can be particularly off-putting simply because you and your family will want to sit and enjoy your new couch as soon as possible. Here are a few things that you can do to try to remove this odor.

  • Many people use an open box of baking soda in their refrigerator to help eliminate some of the odors that are left behind by different foods. Baking soda can work much in the same way for new couch odor. You can sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda directly onto the couch and let it sit overnight. Don’t forget to remove the cushions so that you can ensure that you dust every crevice of the couch. The following morning, simply vacuum up the baking soda and your couch should be ready for use.
  • Did you know that vinegar can naturally deodorize nearly any room in your home? Placing small bowls of vinegar around the room that the couch is in can greatly help to remove the new couch scent. Keep in mind, however, that you should have the door to that room closed during this time, and it may take several days to achieve the desired effect. After a few days, you should fully ventilate the room with open windows and fans.

Get More Assistance for Your Furniture at Home Zone Furniture 

If you need more insight as to how to remove the smell of formaldehyde from a piece of furniture or you are in the market for new furniture for any room in your home, the Home Zone Furniture team is here to assist. We take the time to learn more about your personal style and provide you with quality options for pieces that you and your family are sure to enjoy for years to come. We invite you to stop by our showroom to see our inventory in person or send us a message through our contact page for more information.

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