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Ready to kick summer living into high gear? Give some attention to your patio! This crucial living space functions as an intermediary between the indoors and the outdoors, making it the perfect shaded oasis for the season.

Whether your patio is where you dine alfresco or lounge after a dip in the pool, these are my five tips for making this a space you’ll want to use every day.

Create boundaries
Set your patio apart from the rest by creating some physical boundaries around the space. Depending on your style, you could use pots, shrubs or trellises covered in vines to create a clear division between the patio and the lawn or pool area. Once you have those boundaries, the patio will be easier to decorate because you can treat it as you would an indoor room.

Embellish the walls
Get the most out of your patio space by tending to all surfaces, including the walls. Use these walls to display all-weather art or your own lush, vertical garden. Depending on the light and conditions on your patio, you can plant the perfect vine that will climb the wall and create a one-of-a-kind space with a secret garden vibe.

Core colors
Get your patio summer-ready with the right mix of color and texture. If you prefer neutrals, lighten up with shades of crisp white and beige. For bold color, choose a leading color or two, bolster them with some neutrals and make sure the same palette is consistent throughout your yard. Some of my favorite colors for the season include canary yellow, hot pink and mandarin orange. Sprinkle these colors throughout your patio by repainting a piece of furniture, upholstering throw pillows or arranging a beautiful floral centerpiece.

Outdoor textiles
Think of your patio as an extension of your interior — it should be just as comfortable and just as stylish. One way to do this is with a sophisticated array of outdoor textiles. For your patio couch, chairs and pillows, you’ll want fabrics that are durable yet beautiful. To make your patio even more appealing, add a colorful rug underfoot, and consider hanging curtains along the periphery for an easy-breezy cabana look.

Build the right mood on your patio with a combination of light sources. Depending on how much room you have, you’ll want to start with a hanging light and then embellish from there. Install one standout chandelier, or arrange a handful of smaller pendant lights for a unique look. After that’s settled, add additional lighting with tried-and-true string lights or battery-operated lanterns clustered on the ground. Together, these various sources of light will create the perfect glow to illuminate an evening outdoors.

Above all, remember that the best patio is one that reflects your lifestyle. Make a change or two, then live in it to see what’s working and what could be better. Once it’s just right, you and your family won’t stray far from this space!


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