Turn an Unused Room in Your Home into a Useful Space

Whether you have an extra bedroom, attic or second lounge as a spare room in your home, you can prevent it from becoming an unused area or a dumping ground by giving it a purpose. Even the smallest rooms in your home can become an oasis for relaxing or a functional space where you can spread out your craft projects. With a bit of planning and the ideal furniture selection, you can make your home look and feel cohesive by turning your unused room into a creative space, guest room, entertainment zone or a multipurpose area that works for the entire family. 

Wellness Room

If you want a place where you can relax at the end of the day or save on the cost of gym fees, then create a wellness room in your home. You can freely set up a small yoga studio or home gym with essential items and then add several decor pieces to create a more welcoming space. Hanging stylish mirrors on the wall can bring more natural light into the room and help you to check your posture while exercising. For storage, you can keep the space open and airy with a shelf unit where you can place your meditation or gym equipment after working out or use it to hold a stereo for upbeat workout music. 

Kid Space

You can keep your kids’ toys contained in one area by creating a fun and inviting playroom. Consider incorporating multipurpose furniture such as our Brock ottoman that can work as a seat and contains storage to hide away toys with ease. Low coffee tables with drawers can make an ideal art area for your kids to draw and color, while a stylish rug with soft cushions can make a comfortable reading area for kids to lounge on. If you love reading to your young ones, make a statement with a stylish and colorful accent chair in the corner. As your children get older, you can adapt the room into a fun hangout space while still using these furniture items. Alternatively, you can create a homework room with a desk, chair and storage solutions for older children. Your child can have a quiet space to study and store their backpack to prevent it from cluttering your entranceway.  

Work Space

Whether you work from home or love to dabble in some art or crafts, you can turn your extra room into a personal studio or home office. You can start by setting up a desk or table in your room to hold your equipment and then decorate the space with complementing interior design to suit your space. This room is a perfect place to display your previous artwork or fun prints, fill a bookshelf with art or craft books, and use a stylish cabinet to store extra supplies.

You don’t need to work from home full-time to make having an office beneficial. It is a perfect room to store important documents, send emails, pay bills or give your teenagers a quiet place to do their homework. Ensure that your room has plenty of light with a floor or desk lamp so you can work any time of the day. If you’re converting a large empty room into a home office, you can use furniture such as a couch to create different zones in the space, giving you the opportunity for more than one person to use the office simultaneously. 

Leisure Room

Consider turning your unused room into a sanctuary by converting it into a leisure room. If you love to relax with an entertaining book, then set up your space as your private library. A cozy, soft wing back chair can serve as the ideal place to lose yourself in a book while adding style to your room. Once you fit out your library with other essential furniture pieces, such as a stylish end table to hold your refreshments and an ottoman for kicking your feet up, you won’t want to leave. 

If you prefer watching movies or playing games, a home theater or game room makes the perfect solution for your unused space. Investing in an oversize plush sofa or reclining chairs ensures that you can watch your favorite films in modern comfort. To keep everything looking stylish and tidy, set up a media center on one wall. Our Wyatt wall unit can easily house your TV and entertainment devices. At the same time, the sliding doors allow you to hide everything away when not in use so that your unit becomes a stylish display cabinet with shelving on the sides. 

Multipurpose Room

Just because you have one spare room in your home doesn’t mean you need to commit to one idea. Instead, consider a multipurpose room that will better suit your home requirements. Perhaps you need a leisure room and a designated area for the kids to play or a storage room with space for you to work in during the day. You could create a warm and inviting guest room for visitors to stay in and then use it as a dressing room in between visits. Whichever combination you decide on, you can create a functional and stylish space with some creative planning and carefully selected furniture.  

Find the Furniture You Need at Home Zone Furniture

You can easily adapt your extra room into a guest bedroom, home gym or entertainment zone with stylish furniture from our extensive range. We have a vast range of beds with extra storage underneath, cozy sofas to relax in and a stunning range of home decor to make your space feel warm and inviting. Visit your nearest Home Zone store or contact our friendly team about how to get the most value out of our furniture. 

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