How to Choose Kid-Friendly Furniture

Just because you’re raising a family doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style or sophisticated decor in your home. We understand that everyone wants their home to reflect their personality and be a place where they can relax at the end of the day. However, having a family also means considering functionality, safety and durability. 

With careful consideration, you can easily choose kid-friendly furniture for your living room that won’t make your home look like a daycare center. At Home Zone, we also have an extensive range of affordable, family-friendly furniture to suit your lifestyle and that your kids can enjoy.

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Tablescape Ideas & Tips

There is something special about welcoming your guests or family to a beautifully decorated table set for the occasion. From the tablecloth color selection and centerpiece height to using candles, trinkets and more, you can create an inviting atmosphere, prompt conversation and encourage people to linger a bit longer at the table. 

Whether you’re entertaining over the festive season and want holiday table decoration ideas, are having a dinner party just because you can, or want to spruce up your lazy Sunday breakfasts on the patio, we have simple and creative tablescape ideas and tips to impress your guests or express love to your family. 

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How To Double Your Dining Room as an Office

How To Double Your Dining Room As an Office from Home Zone Furniture

Are you thinking about setting up a home office in your dining room? Choosing the right furniture pieces and engineering a suitable setup allows you to work more efficiently while preserving a cozy mealtime space. Home Zone can provide high-quality furniture options to create handy multifunctional rooms that serve your work-from-home needs and accommodate busy family life.

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Update Your Dining Room With These Design Trends

Trends in Dining Room Design from Home Zone Furniture

Your dining room is the social center of your home. This comfortable and inviting room is the perfect place to host family game nights, dinner parties or casual get-togethers with your friends, as well as elaborate (or casual) holiday meals.

The way that you decorate your dining room should reflect the variety of ways that you use it. Here are some of the latest tips and dining room trends to help you put together a space that’s ready for real life.

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