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3 hot spring home decor trends to look out

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Spring is on the horizon, and so is a seasonal home decor refresh! As the weather warms up, I look forward to swapping rich velvets with airy linens and jewel tone shades with soft pastel hues.

Spring also has me looking to luxurious travel destinations for decor inspiration. So whether you’re seeking to revamp your bedroom, living room or even office, try one of these three trends to transform your space into an oasis of style this spring.


If your home decor style is naturally contemporary, try a Greek-inspired scheme this spring. Modern Greek style is more than just marble and Corinthian columns — it’s a style that fuses indoor and outdoor living.

The first step to creating a Greek-inspired decor is to bring the natural colors of the Greek landscape indoors — think whites and blues with pops of canary yellow and hot pink.

Next, don’t be afraid to bring easy, breezy patio chairs indoors, or to make a comfortable seating area outside. When it comes to accessories, try minimal, sleek European lamps, colorful patchwork quilts and beautiful tiled details wherever possible.

Hamptons at home

For a spring revamp on a traditional home, look no further than the Hamptons for inspiration. Hamptons homes have many of the same clean, all-American characteristics of a northeastern home, but since they’re beach homes, they’re just slightly more worn-in.

Bring the Hamptons into your home with classic designs, muted colors and a host of natural fibers. In the living room or bedroom, lay down a seagrass rug for that outdoorsy springtime feel. Replace clunky seating with wicker chairs, and choose a color palette of white, navy blue, light pink and nude gingham. Balance the natural fibers and soft colors with furniture and accessories that flaunt sharp lines and cool textures like marble and acrylic.

Desert designer

Take a bohemian home to the next level with decor style inspired by desert designers. Whether you prefer Morocco or Joshua Tree, desert dwellings have their own unique, exotic style.

You can bring the warm personality of this style into your home with just a few small accessories. Throw down a muted, antique rug for texture underfoot, or layer several for a unique look. Install hanging planters to infuse some drama into your entryway or kitchen. Dress up your bed or couch with a number of mixed and matched throw pillows — the more texture, the better!

Which of these styles will you be trying in your home this spring?


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    Leviticus Bennett
    March 23, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    I really like the idea of Modern Greek style. I like how it fuses indoor and outdoor living like you said. I’m changing out all of the furniture in my home right now. I think I’ll try to find furniture that matches this style.

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    Quality furniture in pakistan
    April 21, 2017 at 2:41 am

    The Spring Trends 2017 include also the classic charm and the seductive beauty of the Mediterranean interior design. This cannot be obtained through any other design solution.

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