Tips for keeping your home cozy in the winter

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There are many things to love about the wintertime — and then there are some not-so-loveable things. The weather is cold, the days are short and a large amount of time is spent indoors.

This year, before the inevitable cabin fever strikes, take the opportunity to decorate your home in a way that will celebrate the season and lift your mood. These are my five tips for creating a cozy home you’ll be happy to hibernate in until spring.

Add color

Combat the winter blues by adding a healthy dose of color to your interior. Just because it’s dull and dreary outside doesn’t mean the inside of your house has to be. If you’re bold enough to commit to it, paint a central wall in your home a cheery color, such as royal blue, kelly green or even a pastel pink. For a temporary trick, simply add a slip cover to your couch, fun throw pillows to your bed or a colorful piece of art over the mantel.

Let there be light

It’s important to maximize the amount of light in your home to keep spirits high amidst short days and long nights. The first order of business is adding a few extra mirrors to double the amount of light your room recieves. Not only will a mirror amplify the light source, but it will also create the illusion of space. After the sun sets, you’ll want to have a nice selection of lamps and light fixtures to rely on. Remember: Not all lightbulbs are created equal! Choose soft, white lightbulbs to create a nice ambiance.

Functional fabrics

Stay warm throughout the winter with a smart mix of seasonally appropriate fabrics. Whether you’re adding curtains to the windows, slip covers to the dining room chairs or a throw blanket at the end of your bed, choose thick fabrics with an inviting, cozy texture. Some of my favorite fabrics for winter include velvet, flannel and knit. Wool is another great choice — not only is it warm, but it comes in a number of manufactured variations from chenille to cashmere.

Face the fireplace

During the winter, the fireplace becomes the center of attention. If the hearth in your home is a subtle architectural detail for most of the year, allow it to be functional and stylish this season. Begin by rearranging your furniture so that nothing is blocking the fireplace and you can safely use it. Place your couch or chairs so that they are angled toward the warmth. Next, top the mantel with plants, porcelain or collections of any kind, then decorate the fireplace with a grate and screen that complements your home’s style.

Layer up

Winter layers don’t apply just to clothing — they apply to home decor, too! Keep your feet warm as the temperature drops by layering rugs on top of hardwood, tile or even carpet. For a rustic, bohemian look, layer rugs in a patchwork pattern, and don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing color and texture. If your style is more traditional or contemporary, layer a smaller, neutral rug directly on top of a larger, colorful rug. To avoid a tripping hazard, rugs with a higher pile should be the top layer.

How do you make your home a cozy winter hideaway?


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