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How to Find the Right Furniture For Your Child’s Bedroom

There are so many things to consider when choosing furniture for a child’s bedroom. After all, it’s not only a place where they sleep, but also a space where they grow, learn, play, and be creative. Though you may feel overwhelmed thinking about the different needs for a child’s bedroom, such as a bed, dresser, storage solutions, and accessories, with our essential tips, you will be able to shop confidently and create a fun and exciting room for your child to enjoy. 

How to Find the Right Furniture For Your Child's Bedroom by Home Zone Furniture

Things to Consider for a Kid’s Bedroom

Before heading to the store and buying the first bedroom set you see on sale, there are a few elements to consider. For example, consider your child’s age and how much they use their room for sleep versus play versus homework. Are they still at an age where a toddler bedroom set, which leaves ample space for play, is a safer option? Perhaps they’re heading into their teenage years when a bed set with a queen-size bed is more suitable. Having an idea about the type of furniture your child requires and how they plan to use it can save you time and hassle in the selection process. 

Room Design

You want your child’s room to be a space where they can grow, learn, and relax. Room design is an essential element when selecting furniture, as you want to be sure there’s ample space for kids to move around the room and, for younger children, plenty of room to play. Consider a furniture set and twin-size bed with tapered legs to maximize floor space if you have a small child’s bedroom. Bunk beds allow you to utilize vertical wall space and can reduce the cluttered feeling in a room. And even though not every piece of furniture in a room has to match, complementing bedroom suites, such as a similar-design dresser and bedside table, can make a room feel calmer and more cohesive. 


You should include smaller items in your budget when planning a kid’s bedroom. Furnishing the space with cute throws, accent pillows, rugs, storage solutions, and lamps, adds personality to the room, so be sure to account for these items in your budget. Remember, if you’re considering a queen bedroom set for an older child, you’ll also need to purchase bedding to fit the mattress. You can save on future purchases by shopping wisely with investment pieces that offer long-term use and value, rather than choosing the cheapest options.

Purpose and Function

The best way to ensure a child’s bedroom remains functional is to include ample storage. Consider kids’ bedroom sets that have under-bed storage. You can use these drawers to store toys, pencils, books, and more while they are young, and then use them for out-of-season clothes, shoes, and spare blankets as they get older. Consider drawers that fit inside the wardrobe for small bedrooms, so there’s more floor space for play. If you have older children and require a study space, look for a desk with drawers to store papers and pens, or consider a bookshelf with numerous cubby holes where they can display their knickknacks. More storage in a bedroom means less chance of clutter.


Keep in mind which furniture pieces you should splurge on and where you can save. Quality pieces will last longer and are essential for younger children’s safety. Well-constructed boys’ bedroom sets with sturdy bed frames are more likely to withstand jumping and can bear your child’s weight as they grow. You can also extend the life of a mattress by using a foam topper, while a stylish, quality dresser can last through their teen years. 

Timeless Pieces

Consider timeless furniture that will still be relevant in a few years and save yourself the hassle and expense of updating dressers and drawers as your child ages. Think about timeless pieces such as a timber dresser and bedside table, and then dress them up with colorful accessories such as a bold lamp. Although a colorful girl’s bedroom set may look cute when your child is five, it may not suit her when she is 12. 

What Your Child Likes

A child’s bedroom is not just a place where they sleep at the end of the day. It’s a space for them to express themselves, be creative, relax, and recharge. Since every person is unique, you may want to consider a few of your child’s opinions to ensure the bedroom reflects their personality. Though you don’t need to cater to their every whim and wish, you could let them choose the color of their bedding, cushions for the chair, or patterned rug to spruce up their room. Accessories and room décor are perfect areas to include your child in the decision-making process, because you can readily change the wall color, lamps, mirrors, and artwork as your child grows without it being too expensive.

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Parents tend to look for customized children’s furniture, often inadvertently spending more than necessary at specialized stores. Good-quality, reliable adult furniture is just as appropriate, often offering greater longevity than cheap bedroom sets made for children.

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