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We’re here again at one of our favorite times of the month where we share a few of our favorite furniture pieces! Choosing between all of the options can be difficult. We love being able to give a few suggestions and talk about a few of our stand out products. Be sure to let us know your current favorite furniture piece if you have one down in the comments or on any of our social media platforms!

Home Zone Furniture - Dining Room Ideas

Recline in Style

If you have been craving the luxurious feeling you get in the movie theater’s recliners, you’ll be a big fan of our Prime Power Collection. Designed with you in mind, the home theater-style seating will give you all the comfort you’ve been wanting! The warm, rustic feel of this collection is bound to fit right in with your home’s aesthetic. The seats are ultra padded, and move like a dream – feel free to test it out at your local Home Zone!

Bedroom Ideas - Bedroom set from Home Zone Furniture

A Ray of Sunshine

Bright and warm, our Sunnyvale Bedroom Collection is the epitome of bringing an old world style together with the modern. Sturdy yet stylish, this is another collection that is versatile enough to fit any style you choose. Don’t forget – our nightstands are different than others. The included power strip inside the drawers and installed floor light are just two of the many bonuses you’ll get by choosing a Home Zone collection!

Home Zone Furniture - Dining Room Ideas

Individually Unique, Together Complete

We are so excited to be featuring our Napa Dining Collection! It just released, but we can tell it is quickly becoming a customer favorite and for good reason! The unique design of this dining table, in particular, will be sure to give your home that new edge it’s been needing. Even though the design is something different than most traditional dining tables, it is something both strong yet subtle. Be sure to pair this dining table with the matching chairs – which also come in two color options!

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