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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dining Room Set

A dining room is hardly ever only used for eating. Most times, it’s where we do homework; connect with family; play board games and build puzzles; work on arts, crafts, and sewing projects; and entertain guests. Your dining room furniture should adapt and evolve as your needs change. The dining room set you had in your first apartment probably won’t be the one in your family home. 

Here are four signs it’s time to buy a new dining room set. 

1. There Are Signs of Deterioration

Naturally, when your dining room set breaks, wears out, or looks shabby, it may be time to replace it. Signs of deterioration include warping, wobbling, and scratched or discolored tabletops. Your dining chairs may suffer from wear and tear, too. For example, they may have rickety legs, torn upholstery, or stained seat cushions, or one of the chairs may be missing altogether.

It’s possible to spend time repairing or reupholstering your set. However, eventually — even if just for safety and hygiene — you will have to replace your table, chairs, or the whole dining set.     

2. Your Space Has Changed

The best time to buy dining room furniture is when you’re in a season of change. As you enter new stages of your life, your furniture requirements will evolve. Here are two significant life changes that may call for an update to dining room furniture:

You Moved Into a Different-Sized House

Space is the most significant consideration when choosing the right dining table set for your home. You can’t have a 10-seater table in a tiny studio apartment, while a small set looks out of place in a spacious open-plan room. If you’re downsizing, you might want to double your dining room as a home office, so you’ll need more comfortable chairs. Moving into a bigger house, on the other hand, probably means you need a bigger table. You might even be able to have two dining tables in one room!

Your Family Is Growing

You must buy your first proper dining set with at least four matching chairs when starting out. As you settle down, you might need a larger table and more chairs, especially for those Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers. Finally, moving into your dream home might mean you have enough space for house guests and extended family. Eventually, you may want to have two dining areas: one for formal dinners and the other as part of an informal living space.

3. Your Style Has Changed

Dining room trends come and go, and what you loved 10 years ago may not reflect your style today. Even if the functionality of your dining furniture stays the same, the style, material, and size options are as numerous as the reasons for updating your set.

You may have upgraded the rest of your home, and your old dining table no longer matches your decor. If you browse dining room design ideas in your free time, it’s probably time to replace your old table and chairs! 

Modernizing a Dining Room

One of the biggest reasons people buy a new dining room set is to modernize their home. But how often should you update your furniture? Most designers recommend swapping out old items for newer ones at least every decade. That way, you’re not left with outdated (or worn-out) pieces that leave your home design lacking. 

A modern dining table set usually has a sleek, simple design. Often, it features upholstered host chairs or even a bench seat on one side. Pair your new set with a contemporary table runner and new light fittings to bring an old room into the 21st century.

The Vintage Dining Room Aesthetic

After years of trend-chasing, you may be more attracted to old-world charm. Many dining room upgrades pursue a classic, or even vintage, look. You may need a heavier, more ornate dining table set with high-back chairs to achieve this style. Look for natural wood colors and glossy finishes, and consider adding a sideboard or server.

4. You Want to Try a Different Material

Another sign that it’s time to replace your dining room set is when you’re itching to try a new material. Maybe you grew up with a wooden table and have never had anything else, and you’re getting tired of seeing the same thing. The best time of year to buy dining room furniture is at the end of the season. Many retailers will have sales at the end of summer or winter in preparation for new stock.

Use this to your advantage to find a new dining room set in a completely different material from what you’re used to. Being adventurous opens worlds of design possibilities.

Wooden Dining Room Sets

A wooden dining table and chairs give the room a classic look. Being a heavier, darker material, wood attracts the eye and quickly becomes the focal point of the space. Once the varnish wears out, it’s long-lasting and easy to restore, so wooden dining room furniture can be a lifelong investment. 

Metal Dining Room Sets 

Choose metal furniture if you’re after an industrial look and feel for your dining room. You can pair it with wooden dining chairs to warm the space or combine it with plants and vintage decor to create a casual café look and feel. Metal dining room furniture is highly durable and easy to clean.

Glass Dining Room Sets

Glass dining room tables make smaller spaces seem more spacious because they don’t block out any light. They look modern and sleek, elevating the rest of the room. They’re easy to clean and super hygienic, not holding onto stains or smells like wood and plastic. However, they are prone to scratches and break more easily than wood and metal, so they must be handled carefully.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Dining Room Set

The most important factors when shopping for a new dining table and chairs are size, style, material, and price. The best time of year to buy furniture is in summer, and many of the best furniture sales happen over Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day. It’s wedding season, and the demand for home furnishings is high. Plus, plenty of students shop for deals before the academic year begins.

Other interior designers say the best month to buy furniture is when retailers clear last year’s stock to make space for the latest pieces.

Find Your Dining Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

Whatever your reasons for needing a new dining set, you can find a variety of choices at Home Zone Furniture. Our dining sets include quality separates to mix and match. You’ll find dining, kitchen, and bar-height tables, chairs in traditional and contemporary styles and heights, and a collection of complete sets to complement your dining space. We have dining room furniture to suit every budget — contact us today to learn more. 

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